LSE Alumni

Over the next six weeks LOZENJA will be working with the LSE alumni association to help produce and mix there podcasts. This involves EQ’ing, mixing and boosting the recordings they have done with there fellow alumni students and other companies around the World and with in London as well.


Out in the big world now. Have learnt so much and met some amazing musicians, composers, music producers. I have a wealth of friends and contacts that i hope to work with again as well as the studios I worked with. Time to focus on Lozenja Productions and follow my dream to work in this crazy music industry !

Lost In The Forest

New track up on my sound cloud called Lost In The Forest go have a listen! It’s a mix of Dance and Trance.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 16.33.19.png

Library album

My first Library album will be dropping soon on my site and sound cloud for you to listen to ! Here is a sneak peak of the album cover. Once it is released, I will be looking for a label to promote it for film/ television or videos.

FINAL Black with boarder and updated text copy

My Life As A Harpist 

For most of my young adult life I have played the harp and still do to this day. I played classical, folk and jazz until I started music technology at college. This lead me to Falmouth University, after graduation, i decided  to make a career for myself in music. I am always learning new ways of recording and developing sound design.

My first album, is based on my harp training, and gave me an excuse to use the harp as a tool and completely change the way in which the harp is seen and heard.


My Interest In Music 

I have always been passionate about music and what music can do to people though its use in film or just by listening to a album. I enjoy the whole process of composing, either alone or in collaboration and the studio skills of production.  This has lead me to move into library music where i can work on original ideas or to a brief for online, video or film content.


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