LSE Alumni


” I’ve been working with Laurence in my capacity as chair of the London School of Economics Alumni Association London (LSEAAL), and we recently launched a podcast initiative interviewing thought leaders on a range of disruptive topic areas. Laurance was brought on to advise, oversee and help with post-production of the recorded interviews. He’s an absolute pleasure to work with; conscientious, uses initiative and hungry to produce great quality work by constantly pushing the needle. We’ve sent him some awful sound recordings from Skype interviews and he’s magically transformed them into crisp sounding final products that includes catchy intro music that he originally produces, adjusting vocal levels, editing uncomfortable pauses and removing any signal noise and distortion to make the narrative clear and easy to listen to.

Couldn’t recommend Laurance more highly on his skills and passion in relation to audio post-production and producing original sound tracks, and look forward to continue working with him.” 


Luke K de G productions 

(In collaboration with Centrica)

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